Defeating an adversary as menacing and heartless as ALS will take all of
us working together. Us and you and dreamers and doers and believers and wishers and mavericks and conformers — people from all walks of life who
are united by a common cause to achieve the uncommon.


Let this space serve as a community resource and share group site for
all of us to post stories, updates and events that relate to the collective
battle against ALS. Because patients aren't the only ones affected by ALS.
It also affects families and friends and neighbors and ...



To share your content in our feed section, simply include “#VSALS” in your Twitter or Instagram posts. It will post to the feed automatically.



"#VSALS" was introduced as a way
to share personal stories and experiences during the 2014 Chasin'
A Cure ALS tailgate event. It became immediately apparent that we were onto a bigger idea — something that could serve as an ongoing repository and support site for anyone involved
in the ALS battle.


The awareness and funds raised
by the recent Ice Bucket Challenge have been beyond phenomenal.
But our work is far from over. In fact, now's the time to amp up our efforts, while ALS remains on the public radar. Remember, it's still the only disease with no known cause, no treatment and no cure. That's why we continue to fight
the fight.

 "The ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter is thrilled to introduce the #VSALS initiative. This will give us a sounding board to be heard by the rest of the world. We know from the Ice Bucket Challenge when larger groups of users join together for a common cause, it makes world news. Sometimes, it changes the world itself."


– Melanie Roach-Bekos

Executive Director

ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter